It’s Prime Bird-Watching Season!

Walking along Santa Rosa creek recently, during a break between atmospheric river events, I was delighted to see Common Mergansers—a male and two females— feeding in the fast-moving creek.  Been hearing the Great Horned Owls, too, hooting nightly. Bird activity really starts to heat up in early spring; it’s nesting season. Turns out we have a pair of bald eagles nesting in the Laguna de Santa Rosa and they have produced 14 offspring over a 14-year period.  Unlike the Great Horned Owls and the eagles who build their own nests, there are others who are cavity-nesters, and songbirds, in particular, compete for good nesting sites.  Nesting boxes are a great way to help out.  Check out various bird conservation sites for information on how to build nest boxes or what to look for commercially ( is a good one).  Nest hole size, placement, proportions of nest boxes are all important considerations.

Nancy Bauer is the Co-founder of the Habitat Corridor Project and author of the California Wildlife Habitat Garden (UC Press). or request it at your local bookstore!


Birding Season