Harmina Mansur
photo by Harmina Mansur

The Habitat Corridor Project:


To create and promote California native plant restoration gardens in the urban environment.


  • Create - Leading by example we design and install California native plant gardens replacing lawns and traditional water intensive landscapes
  • Restore - wildlife habitat and support biodiversity in the urban landscape
  • Educate - Inspire the public with knowledge: talks, gardening tours and signage, downloadable plans for residential and public landscapes, public outreach, partnerships with government agencies and similar not-for-profit organizations

We get most of our funding through design and grant funding.  The Habitat Corridor is a non-profit 501(c)3 #84-4353404.  Your donations are tax-deductable and we appreciate your support here too!

You can also support us by learning more about our work by following us on social media @habitatcorridorproject and installing California native plants in your garden.