A Few Tips on Bird Feeders


There are many ways to attract birds to your garden—water features, plants that offer seeds, nuts, fruit (especially California natives) and plants that provide cover and nesting sites.  But If your habitat area is small or you just love watching birds from your window, bird feeders are a way to enhance the experience.  Hanging bird feeders that are far enough off the ground to discourage cats and other predators are good choices.  Most bird conservation groups recommend feeders that exclude songbird predators such as jays and crows. Equally important is keeping bird feeders clean.  Contaminated food, water and feeder surfaces can spread disease among wild bird populations.  For this reason, platform feeders are no longer recommended. 

If you use hummingbird feeders, be sure to wash them thoroughly at each refill. If you go on vacation and feeders will not be maintained, it is better to take them down than to risk infecting your local hummers. 

Want a bird feeder?