Summertime around here at Habitat Corridor Projects are busy! We have installed quite a few wonderful demonstration gardens and are trying to find ways to get more folks switching their water thirsty boring traditional gardens over to vibrant and biodiverse California native ones. We are so excited to share 8 sets of plans including irrigation and fun ways to save water at our project. Check out that website too.

Right now we are tending the demonstration gardens which means weeding, weeding, weeding. It’s so great we had such a wet winter and our plants are so happy but so are the weeds. We could use some help if you are interested in a fun way to learn, get your workout on, and meet some really fun people. Our gardening group has SUCH a wealth of information between them – I look forward to the workdays. Right now they are every Friday at different spots. email me april@habitatcorridorproject to find out more!